The Bouqs Company!

Have you ever gotten really close to missing an anniversary, birthday, or special occasion? With Bouqs you don’t have to worry about scrambling to get a gift last minute. You can set yearly reminders to automatically send flowers to your loved ones. You can also have flowers delivered weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or at random dates. (You’re welcome gentleman!) They’ll also make great host/hostess gifts!

Bouqs sent me one of their bouquets and it was absolutely gorgeous. I chose Confetti – a bouquet of farm-fresh roses. I was so surprised by how vibrant the colors were and how long they lasted. I was talking to my sister about Bouqs on our way to The New York Botanical Gardens (more flowers) and she told me that they were on Shark Tank. I have to go and watch the episode. As someone in marketing, I can appreciate their witty flower names and copy.

The flowers all come from a Volcano and they are eco-friendly and sustainable. They are cut on the day you order and delivered straight from the farm! They flowers are delivered straight from Volcano stems from the equator,10,000 feet above sea level, “these Bouqs are fed by pure volcanic snow melt and mineral-rich, ph-balanced soil. And our California cut flowers come straight from eco-friendly farms on the coast! Bloomin’ sweet surf!” It’s a really cool concept! Their partners offer competitive, living wages and services like on-site child and healthcare, and adult education so they take care of the people who work hard to make it all happen!

The Bouqs Company!


Bouqs sent me these flowers but this is an honest review!

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