Tech Talk: Jobr… Tinder for Job Searching

I just read about an app called Jobr. It is similar to Tinder, except instead of helping you find love it is helping you find a job you’ll love. Similar to Tinder, you swipe left or right to indicate if you are interested in a position. Instead of going on various company websites or job boards, you can quickly shuffle through lots of jobs to find something you are interested in applying to. You login with your LinkedIn profile and the algorithm finds jobs that you may be interested in based upon your employment history and skills. Similar to Netflix, the algorithm for understanding what you like gets better as you use it. Recruiters can also use Jobr to find candidates. The algorithm works similarly and they can swipe left or right based upon if they are interested in a potential candidate. If the feeling is mutual, you can communicate directly from the app. You can also refer friends to positions and if your friend takes the job, Jobr will pay you $1,000!

Jobr is currently available for iPhone and Android!







4 thoughts on “Tech Talk: Jobr… Tinder for Job Searching

  1. THIS SOUNDS SO COOL. I’m going to download and try it out today. I’m not actively looking for a job right now, but I remember when I was a few years ago, I really hated the setup of most of the job search websites. (Upload resume template, labor over cover letters no one even reads, etc)

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