Beauty Review: Enza Essentials

I have a few beauty rules: I don’t wear makeup one day a week; I drink at least one glass of hot water with lemon a day; and I don’t buy new beauty products until I finish the one I have. I was feeling in a bit of a beauty rut and was so excited when the lovely team at Enza Essentials sent me a new skincare routine to try! I answered a few questions about my skin (for example whether it is oily or dry, the products I was using at the time, and any skin concerns) then they selected the right treatment plan for me. They sent me the Complete Sustaining System. I used the system for a month before writing the review. I want the review to be honest so I’m going to tell you that I also use the Aczone my dermatologist prescribed because I used to have bad acne. I use it right after the toner but before the creme. I went to the dermatologist yesterday and the dermatologist told me I was glowing and to keep doing what I was doing.

The Sustaining System:

Enza Essentials

Stressful schedules, harsh weather, environmental pollutants and natural aging all take a toll on your skin. A once-radiant, youthful glow can become dull over the course of your lifetime. For many women, facial peels and surgery might be too drastic. Replete with brightening botanicals, gentle esters and a stabilized vitamin complex, my Enza Essentials sustaining products restore and rejuvenate damaged skin. Co-enzyme Q-10 energizes new cell growth and firms skin. Additionally, seven potent antioxidants including Mag C, a stabilized form of vitamin C, promote circulation and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Sustaining Cleanser:

The Details: Restore your skin’s youth with this gentle replenishing cleanser. The lightweight gel lifts away makeup and the impurities of the day while replenishing your skin’s natural moisture. Licorice and chamomile smooth away dry cells and fine wrinkles. Brightening vitamins A and E rejuvenate your tired skin.
Key Ingredients: Chamomile Extract: Natural, known to reduce inflammation, soothes and calms. Licorice Root Extract: Skin brightening, antioxidant. Tocopherol (Vitamin E): Antioxidant, protects against free radicals.
My Review: This cleanser smells natural. I use it twice a day. You wash your face with it twice every morning and twice every evening. It removes makeup and doesn’t irritate my skin. My skin can be sensitive and sometimes I break out so I was a bit worried but it’s been more than fine!

Cool Sustaining Toner:

The Details: Refresh and brighten your skin with this cooling toner. Witch hazel and calendula gently polish away oily build up and uneven skin tone while rejuvenating cucumber maintains moisture. Ideal for normal to dry skin, advanced vitamin C complex Mag C restores your natural glow.
Key Ingredients: Mag C™: Stabilized Vitamin C. Powerful antioxidant promotes circulation, stimulates collagen, brightens and revitalizes. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C): Improves tone and texture, can speed production of collagen. Chamomile Extract: Natural, known to reduce inflammation, brightening and clarifying.
My Review: This may be my favorite product. I absolutely love using this. It makes my skin feel so refreshed and it is my favorite part of the routine. It feels especially wonderful after a long workout.

Sustaining Glow Crème:

The Details:Carefully formulated with Mag C and co-enzyme Q-10, this cream brightens the natural glow of environmentally stressed skin. Sustaining Glow Crème combines glycoproteins derived from yeast as well as licorice and yucca extracts to polish away discoloration and early signs of aging while hydrating and brightening your skin. Natural plant squalane protects normal to dry skin.
Key Ingredients: Mag C™: Stabilized Vitamin C. Powerful antioxidant promotes circulation, stimulates collagen, brightens and revitalizes. CoEnzyme Q-10: Energy source for new cells, smoothes and firms skin. Protects against free radical damage. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C): Improves tone and texture, can speed production of collagen.
My Review: My skin feels brighter and I feel less of a need to wear makeup. I think this may be one of the reasons…

Fine Facial Polish:
The Details: This gentle, creamy scrub doubles as a masque to polish away facial impurities and brighten your skin. Natural rice bran absorbs acne-causing oil while powerful salicylic acid exfoliates pores, leaving your face feeling clean and refreshed.
Key Ingredients: Mag C™: Stabilized Vitamin C. Powerful antioxidant promotes circulation, stimulates collagen, brightens and revitalizes. Grape Fruit Extract: Nutrient rich emollient, antioxidant, rich in phenols, protects against free-radicals, anti-aging. Oat Kernel Extract: Soothes, nourishes and calms irritation.
My Review: I have sensitive skin so I don’t like to use anything too abrasive but I like to exfoliate and use salicylic acid every once in awhile. I use this twice a week – once as a mask and once as an exfoliant. I really like the way it feels and I like feeling like I have something a little more powerful than what I use every day.

I recommend the Enza Essentials and they can help you find the right system for you. They are even offering a special discount for The Preppy Post Grad readers! I really want to add the Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelée and the Spot Extractor in case I end up getting a pimple. My skin has actually been really clear but you never know when a pimple will pop up and I like to have something in my medicine cabinet so I am prepared.

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Let me know if you try it!

Thank you to the team at Enza for helping me find a routine and for sending me the products. This is an honest review!

2 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Enza Essentials

  1. Wow what a super in-depth review! We are so happy our system is working for you! It’s awesome your dermatologist is even saying your skin looks amazing. 🙂

    xx Alison

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