Interior Design on a Budget: Under $100: Target Threshold Collection Furniture

I love the Target Threshold collection. It is a great resource for decorating on a budget. Here are a few of my favorite pieces of furniture from the collection that cost $100 or less!

Threshold™ X-Base Ottoman – Mango Berry (here): This x-bench would brighten up a living room, study, or bedroom. The white paneling is so cute!


Threshold™ Woven Wood Bench – Navy/Cream (here): This would be perfect for a foyer! I love the pattern!


Threshold™ Patterned Storage Bench – Coral Mango Berry (here): I love the pattern plus it is a great small space solution! I hate clutter and love furniture that has a dual purpose.


Threshold™ Tray Top Table (here): This table is my favorite color! It would be great inbetween two chairs in a living room. The tray is removable so you can use it to serve hor d’oeuvres. It comes in other colors as well. I’d put a lamp on top and either a stack of coffee table books or a few of my favorite books on the bottom. You could also use it as a small space alternative to a bar cart!


Threshold™ Fretwork Accent Table (here): I love the design! This would be a great dresser and/or entertainment center. Put your TV on the top and DVDs inside the drawers.

Fretwork Accent Table

Threshold™ Metal Accent Table – Silver (here): This side table has such a great design. I’d put it inbetween two chairs or next to a couch in a living room.


Threshold™ Round Metal Honeycomb Accent Table – Gold (here): This table is a bit quirky but I love it. It would be a great side table in a reading nook.


Threshold™ 24″ Brookline Tufted Counter Stool (here): I love tufted furniture and this chair is a steal. It looks like a much more expensive version from Pottery Barn. The chair also comes in other colors and it would be perfect for a classic and sophisticated kitchen or dining room.


Threshold™ Round Tufted Storage Ottoman – Blue/White Trellis (here): Another great storage solution! I could imagine filling this with shoes or desk supplies (I don’t have room for a desk so I currently have a box of desk supplies that I take down when I want to write a letter or something).


Threshold™ Pillar Accent Table – White (here): A simple and sophisticated side table.


Threshold™ Ottoman – Gray Chevron (here): I love chevron! This cute ottoman would be great for a kids’ room.


Threshold™ Carson 3-shelf Bookcase (here): Store all of your favorite books! Great for a bedroom, den, or reading nook (according to my Pinterest dream homes, reading nooks are lovely…).


I hope you like this new series! It was fun finding beautiful furniture that isn’t very expensive!

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