Seder Anything: Creative Matzo Recipes for Passover

Tonight is the first night of Passover. What is Passover? Here is the Spark Notes version, “Passover, or Pesach in Hebrew, is one of the three major pilgrimage festivals of ancient Israel. Originally a combination of a couple of different spring festivals, it is a commemoration of the Exodus from Egypt–especially the night when G-d “passed over” the houses of the Israelites during the tenth plague–and of the following day, when the Israelites had to leave Egypt hurriedly. Centered on the family or communal celebration of the seder (ritual meal), Passover is one of the most beloved of all Jewish holidays (My Jewish Learning).” If you are interested in learning more, The History Channel has an interesting article!  I have to admit, every year I forget something and learn it again, making the Seder much more interesting. It goes a little something like this, “Oy vey, there was lice? That’s gross.” One thing that I remember every single year is the fact that I’m not supposed to eat leavened bread causing me to have to mix up my grocery list a bit.

Here are a few gourmet matzo recipes for Passover:

Skillet Matzo Brei with Cinnamon, Apple, and Raisins: Recipe here.


Dark Chocolate Banana Matzo Brei: Recipe here!


Matzo Brei: Recipe here!


Everything Matzoh with Lox and Schmear: I think that the Cohen’s from the OC would love this alternative. Recipe here!


Skinny Passover Matzo Pizza: Recipe here.


Matzo Nachos: Recipe here!


Vegetable Matzo Pie: Recipe here!


Vegan Matzo Ball Soup: Recipe here.


Matzo Chocolate-Mint Ice Cream Cake: Recipe here!


Salted Toffee Matzo: Recipe here!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Matzo: Recipe here!

Chocolate Caramel Matzo Brittle: Recipe here!


Matzo Bark with Dark Chocolate, Orange and Cranberry: Recipe here!


P.S. I played Miriam in my preschool Passover play. I went to a Jewish preschool. If you see me on the street feel free to ask for my autograph.


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