Weekend Reading:

Weekend Reading


1. Born From a Tweet, Etsy’s New Entrepreneurship Program Could Be Coming to a City Near You (Fast Company): I love Etsy. I have discovered so many amazing artists! They’ve made an entrepreneurial boot-camp that teaches people with low incomes how to sell their crafts on Etsy. The idea for the program came from someone’s tweet. Read the article to learn more! 

2. J.Crew And Kate Spade To Foster The Next Big Fashion Tech Startups (Fast Company): Three of my favorite brands have teamed together! The New York Technology Fashion Program is a new accelerator program that hopes to support young and growing companies innovating in fashion, retail, and technology. Startups will win the opportunity to be mentored by retailers including Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, and Kate Spade over the course of the program! 

3. Dove Launches Fake ‘Beauty Patch’ in Latest Play for Viral Glory (AdAge): Dove does it again with another beautiful confidence experiment! People were given “beauty patches,” which were placebos, but they actually felt more beautiful when they thought that they were given an actual treatment.

4. 7 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People (Fast Company): This is a great article about common traits held by emotionally intelligent people!

5. 5 Ways to Hack Your Weekly Schedule to Get More Done (Fast Company): I really liked all of these tips. I don’t do a weekly check in but I think I should start. My favorite was to celebrate what you’ve accomplished!

6. 13 Proven Ways to Make Your Own Luck (Inc): A great article about how to make your own luck! It reminds me of the Oprah quote that luck is preparation meeting opportunity.

7. This Honey Maid commercial:

8. How a Lady of Leisure Hustles (Tony Leigh): I absolutely love this article! I especially like the part about finding out what you non-negotiables are – and making sure to do them.

9. See Jenna Lyons and Her 289 Pairs of Shoes (NY Mag): This is old, but I stumbled upon it again this week. Could you imagine having that many pairs of shoes?!

10. 17 Baby Elephants Learning How To Use Their Trunks (Buzzfeed): SO CUTE! If only I could fit an elephant in my apartment…


Extra Credit: J. Crew Brings Back a Discontinued Swimsuit Just Because One Superfan Asked Nicely (Ad Week): This is a great example of a brand listening to the customer!

J. Crew Swimsuit




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