How to Drink More Water: Delicious Detox Water Recipes

I have been focusing on health and wellness lately. I’ve been exercising more, eating better, drinking more water, and trying to get enough sleep. I am horrible at drinking enough water throughout the day. I prefer coffee but that is terribly unhealthy. Lately, I’ve been making “spa water” with different fruits. I call it my “What Do You Mean I’m Not at a Spa?!” water. I researched more combinations and found a great roundup. Here are some of my favorites from the article and a few other combinations at the end.

detox water recipes

1. Raspberry Lime Water:

Raspberry Lime Water

2. Lavender Lemonade:

Lavender Lemonade

3. Very Berry Lemon Water:

Very Berry Lemon Water


4. Lemon and Mint:

Lemon and Mint Water

5. Blueberry Lemon Water:

Blueberry Lemon Water

6. Strawberry Mango Water:


6. Watermelon, Mint, Lime Water:

Watermelon Mint Lime Water

7. Pineapple Mint Water:

Pineapple Mint Water

8. Grapefruit Water:

Grapefruit Water

9. Ginger Lemon Thyme Water:

Ginger Lemon Thyme Water

10. Pomegranate Rosemary Water:

PomegranateRosemary Water

11. Lemon and Thyme Water: Lemon and Thyme Water

A few other great combinations:

-Lemon + Lime + Mint
-Cucumber + Mint
-Strawberry + Lemon
-Lemon + Lime
-Raspberries + Blackberries + Blueberries
-Cucumber + Oranges + Mint
-Lemon + Cayenne Pepper + Agave
-Cucumber + Raspberries + Blueberries
-Blackberries + Cherry + Lime
-Lemon + Cucumber + Mint

Carrying a water bottle around with me has definitely helped! I like BKR Bottles – they are cute and small plus the organization gives back to the community! Learn about the charitable causes.

BKR Bottles


What are your favorite detox water combinations? 


2 thoughts on “How to Drink More Water: Delicious Detox Water Recipes

  1. What a neat post! I like the tried and true lemons and limes. If you’re trying to drink more water I also love the app called Plant Nanny which reminds you to drink more throughout the day as time passes.

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