Equal Pay Day 2014: #AskForMore

Today is Equal Pay Day, the day most men would need to start work every year to earn the same annual yearly wage as women in the same role. Today President Obama signed two executive orders related to the pay gap, “One will prohibit employers from retaliating against employees who discuss their salaries, while the other will mandate that the Labor Department collect data on the compensation for federal contract workers, organized by race and sex. The two orders will help make it easier for women to earn the same as men, the president said (Rebecca Kaplan, CBS News).” Read this excellent article by Pew Research Center to learn about the findings of their recent research.

You don’t have to wait for something to change. You can ask for more. I asked for a raise for the first time last year. It was scary but I was prepared. I wrote out my key accomplishments, researched the typical job salary range, consulted a mentor for advice and an objective opinion, prepared answers to questions I might be asked, read any resource I could find, and practiced multiple times. Asking for a raise or negotiating benefits can be uncomfortable but it is worthwhile. The best case scenario is that you end up getting a raise or a non-monetary benefits like a title change or more paid time off. The worst case scenario is that you don’t get more money or non-monetary benefits but you get practice from asking and asking in the future will be easier and less intimidating.

I really liked this year’s Levo League #Ask4More microsite. I recommend that you take a look and use the resources they have to offer!

Ask for More

Equal Pay Day Infographic

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