8 Ways to Make Your Commute Productive:

8 Ways to Make Your Commute Productive
I don’t want to calculate the amount of time I have spent commuting to and from work over the years. I don’t want to calculate it because I’m not great at math, but also because it I know that it will end up being a high number. I have found ways to make my commute productive and educational even though I’m standing on a very crowded 1 train!
Here is what I learned. Note: Please choose what is most appropriate and safe for your mode of transportation.

1. Listen to TED Talks: I love listening to TED Talks. They are educational and inspirational. You can download TED Talks on iTunes and listen to them in the car or public transportation.
2. Read educational magazines: I recommend Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, TIME, Forbes, Inc. and The Atlantic. Magazines are expensive. I often find the articles online and read them on the subway using Pocket.
3. Read educational books: Read books that will help you learn your industry, business books, or leadership books. If you drive to work, buy the book on tape version or borrow it from the library. P.S. One summer my family listened to A Lesson Before Dying during every car ride because it was my assigned summer reading. It was just as exciting and happy as it sounds. I don’t recommend listening to a depressing book on tape on your way to work.
4. Pocket: Download Pocket! I often find articles that I want to read, but don’t have time to read at the moment. Pocket is an app that allows you to save content so that you can read it later. I take the subway to and from work and I love that Pocket allows me to read articles without needing internet connection!
5. Read the news: I read The Skimm and Times Digest on my phone.
6. Write: I have written some of my favorite blog posts on the subway. You make time for what you love!
7. Organize your to-do list: Write down what you have to do that day then rewrite the list in priority order.
8. Bike or walk: Endorphins make people happy. I’d love to be able to bike or walk to work! It is a great way to exercise, clear your head before the work day, and it is environmentally conscious.

8 Ways to Make Your Commute Productive & Educational

Kate Spade Ad

Kate Spade Ad Travel
I want to hear your tips, please! What are your tips for a productive commute?
Images: Some of my favorite Kate Spade ads and an image I found here.
P.S. Wouldn’t this be the BEST way to commute?

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