Stand With Me: The Documentary

I recently went to a premiere of Stand With Me: The Documentary. The movie focuses on Vivienne Harr, a 10-year-old girl who set up a lemonade stand to fight child slavery. Vivienne’s parents had shown her a photo of two boys around her age carrying giant rocks on their backs because they were child slaves. Vivienne said that she wanted to free 500 child slaves. She and her parents made a lemonade stand and sold lemonade for 365 days. Within 6 months she raised enough to donate $101,320 to anti-slavery group Not For Sale and achieved her primary goal of freeing 500 slaves.  Instead of stopping, she set a new goal, to continue her lemonade stand for a year, and use the proceeds to start a lemonade company to sell more lemonade and from the profits free more slaves. In a year, she raised nearly $1,000,000 and established Make A Stand, Inc. SPC, as a social purpose business.The movie also tells the story of award winning photographer Lisa Kristine who took the photo that inspired Vivienne, as well as a history of the founding of Fair Trade USA and Maurice Middleberg, the Executive Director of Free The Slaves. The movie is incredible.

Watch the trailer then find out more.

You can also watch Vivienne and Lisa’s TED Talks.

Learn how to host a viewing here!

*I was sent the tickets but I wouldn’t have gone if I wasn’t passionate about the mission of the documentary.

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