Professional Style: Interview Ready

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Sydney from Summer Wind. Sydney works a full-time job and still manages to write great blog posts almost every day. I wrote to her to ask if she would collaborate with me once a month for a professional style series. I was thrilled when she said yes! I’ve only worked in very conservative offices (the government and a law firm) or very casual offices (a startup and a digital media agency where the only rule is to wear clothes) but there are so many different ways to make outfits work for work (pun intended) without losing your personal style.

Sydney’s outfit is great for an interview, a client meeting, or any day in a conservative office. I would recommend adding a black blazer if she were interviewing for a company such as a law firm, investment bank, or a consulting firm. This would be a perfect outfit for a less conservative company. I always tell people to dress up for an interview, regardless of whether their future colleagues wear jeans and hoodies to work*.

Without further ado, I give you the first outfit from Sydney!

Professional Style

Professional Style
Professional Style

Dress: White House Black Market (sold out but here is a similar dress). Necklace: Pearls handed down from her mom (similar). Bag: Rebecca Minkoff purse. Shoes: Boutique 9 pumps.

Note: Thank you, Sydney! I am so excited to see next month’s outfit!

*Pug in a hoodie

Images: Summer Wind & Tea Pots and Polka Dots

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