10 Uncensored Thoughts from a Morning Spin Class:

1. This is great! I’m here, I’m pumped, let’s do this!

Excited Gif
2. What do you mean it’s only been ten minutes?

side eye gif

3. Does Beyonce surf? Why is she singing about a surfboard?

Drunk In Love Gif4. Not another “hill.”

Blair Waldorf Annoyed Gif5. You did this to me, Nutella pizza.

Lauren Conrad Crying Gif

6. I really hope this class is almost over.

Spencer Hastings gif

7. Do all spin instructors sing in class? Are all NYC spin instructors hoping to be discovered by a Broadway producer?

Rachel Berry crying GIF

8. I wonder if Starbucks will deliver to the gym?

coffee in an IV, gilmore girls

9. Jake Gyllenhaal met an ex-girlfriend during a spin class. Maybe that will happen to me? We could dance round the kitchen in the refrigerator light, drive a new Maserati down a dead-end street, drink maple lattes together, and do other things I’ll remember all too well.

Taylor Swift Crying Gif

10. I’m done!!! This was great!! Best day ever!!!

Endorphins Make People Happy Gif


high fiving a million angels gif

This is the best gif

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