4 Productivity Tips (And One Game Changer) for Managing Your Email Inbox: My Favorite Email Apps

Bad things can happen if you don’t respond to letters or emails. Here are my favorite tips for managing your email inbox.

Email Productivity Tips

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 10.51.18 PM


1. Rapportive: Rapportive is a free Gmail plugin that allows users to view contact information about the people that they are emailing. Once you install Rapportive you will be able to see the person’s photo, brief bio, and links to their social media profiles. You can also write in any private notes such as where you met the person or when you said you’d email back. This saves time because you don’t have to look up the person’s social media information and you have background information which can help you make more meaningful conversations (just don’t be a creeper). Please be aware that other people have this. Don’t assume that the person you are emailing can’t find your social media information. My rule of thumb is that if you would be embarrased if it were on the cover of the New York Times, you shouldn’t send it out over your social media channels. Also I don’t care that you got a Coke 0. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself – is this of value to anyone or is this over-sharing?

Easy A

From Easy A (one of the best movies ever)


2. Gmail Folders: True Story: I was in a meeting a few weeks ago, when a coworker told a few of us about Gmail Folders. There was so much excitement it was literally like telling a group of teenagers that they got tickets to a One Direction Concert. They don’t call it folders (similar to how Americans don’t use the metric system because they have to be different) but the icon looks like a folder and it acts like a folder so let’s call a spade a spade. You can choose a folder and your email will go straight to the folder and no longer be in your inbox.

Emma Stone


3. Mailbox: Mailbox is a mobile and tablet app with the motto, “Inbox zero. Daily.” They want to help people get to inbox zero by streamlining the process of reading and replying to emails. Users can swipe messages to archive or trash (you may be familiar to this from Tinder) and snooze emails to later. Don’t want to deal with your mom’s email asking if you found a nice Jewish boy to marry yet? Snooze. The email will pop back automatically at the time that you select.

Nice Jewish Guys Calendar 2014

Apparently this calendar exists.


Mailbox_Inbox_Zero4. Unroll.Me: Unroll.Me quickly finds all of the subscription emails you are signed up for and allows you to either unsubscribe from receiving emails from the company or keep getting the emails but add it to a daily digest. Your daily digest is an organized list of all of your subscription emails. The list is clean and pretty and you don’t have to get 1,000 emails a day from different brands and publications (#winning). You get The Rollup at the time you select and you can scroll through quickly and choose what you want to read.



Game Changer:

1. Undo Send for Gmail: I think that we have all sent an email that we didn’t mean to send – you clicked send too soon, there was a typo, you said something mean that you shouldn’t have said…

Easy A Gif


Set up undo send so that you can retract emails that you’ve sent. Here is how:

  1. Click the gear in the top right.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click the Labs tab.
  4. Find the “Undo Send” lab and select the Enable radio button.
  5. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Select the amount of time you have to undo sending a message by clicking the gear icon , and finding the “Undo Send:” section in the General tab of your Settings. (I found this here.)

3 thoughts on “4 Productivity Tips (And One Game Changer) for Managing Your Email Inbox: My Favorite Email Apps

  1. I agree: UNDO is a game changer!
    You continue to make mundane matters hysterical. Thanks for the tips (and the clips)!

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