Weekend Reading:

I love when other bloggers share links they love every week. I have so much fun discovering new things as I scroll through their posts. I’m starting a weekly series with a quick roundup of things I found (and loved) on the internet each week.

Weekend Reading

1. This New Girl-Powered Engineering Toy Asks Kids To Design And Wire Their Own Dollhouse (Fast Company – Exist): When two engineers realized that careers are partly inspired by toys that children play with growing up, they decided to create a toy that would inspire girls to pursue STEM careers.

2. 10 Things Not To Say At Work (Refinery29): The author spoke with career coach and author Tara Sophia Mohr. Tara discusses common phrases that undermine what we say in the workplace. I have said a lot of them in the past but now I am catching myself before I say them in a brainstorming session or type them into an email. I catch myself saying just the most – “I just wanted to check in…” or “I just wanted to follow up…” I’m glad I read the article and I hope that you find it to be as useful as I did.

3. The Chicest Game of Dress-Up We’ve Ever Seen (Harpers Bazaar): An adorable four-year old and her mom make beautiful dresses using construction paper, packing tape, and other craft supplies they find around the house. They made beautiful recreations of famous gowns worn by celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry.

Weekend Reading

4. Seth Rogen Gives A Hilarious Yet Touching Speech Before A Senate Hearing On Alzheimer’s Research (BuzzFeed): Seth Rogan gave a speech before a senate hearing regarding allocating resources towards Alzheimer’s research. The speech is hilarious, touching, and educational (a very hard thing to do!). He and a few friends have started a charity called Hilarity for Charity. Check it out! He also uses the phrases mensch, oy, and mentions House of Cards (Things you will often hear me mentioning in every day life – just ask my friends.)

5. Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon Lip-sync Battle on ‘Tonight Show’ (Today Entertainment): As if I could like Paul Rudd any more. Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon had an amazing lip-sync battle. Watch it.

Weekend Reading:

6. This Infographic Shows Every Best Oscar Dress Since 1929 (Cosmopolitan): This is so creative!

Weekend Reading:

7. A ‘Dunkin’ Love’ Beyonce Parody Because Let’s Be Real, Donuts Are Your True Love (The Huffington Post): A great example of timely content!

8. 27 Productive Things You Can Do in 5 Minutes (The Muse): Now I have even less of an excuse to procrastinate.

9. 10 Reasons Why We Should All Be Eating More Hummus (The Huffington Post): I love hummus.


10. Don’t Be Sad, Look At These Corgi Puppies (BuzzFeed): One of my former co-workers has a corgi named Ein. Ein is adorable and it made me fall in love with corgi’s (I even joined my co-worker and his fiance at a Corgi Meetup they planned – yes, they exist.)



What did I miss? Send me links in the comments please.
Have a good weekend!

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