Lust v. Must: Animal Sweaters

It is officially getting colder in NYC and that means that it is time to trade in t-shirts for sweaters. I’ve always liked animal sweaters and found some great options. The top row shows the more expensive version and the bottom row shows how to get the same look for less!

Animal Sweaters for Less

525 America Long-Sleeve Scottie Cloud Sweater // Fox Intarsia Cashmere Sweater // Sequined-Bulldog Pullover Sweater // Scottie Intarsia Sweater // Women’s Graphic Crew-Neck Sweaters

P.S. Other some other fans of animal sweaters include Taylor Swift and Rachel Berry from Glee.

Taylor Swift Animal Sweater Glee - 117 - Bad Reputation 197

Glee - 206 - Never Been Kissed 154

Glee - 105 - The Rhodes Not Taken 080

Glee - 102 - Showmance 058

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