Deal of the Day: New England Prep via Joss & Main

I discovered the invite only flash and daily deal site Joss & Main. Joss & Main features home furnishings, décor, accents, lighting, tabletop, cookware, and entertaining essentials for up to 70% off of retail value.  The site is geared towards, “those who delight in discovery, the thrill of the find, and a daily dose of design inspiration.”  Mitra Morgan, one of the co-founders, explains that, “‘our goal is for Joss & Main to be a place where members come to discover and be moved by new products, talents, and styles.’” Joss & Main’s other co-founder, John Mulliken, elaborates, “we want to inspire members every day and make that inspiration accessible…it’s not just beautiful images, but items and looks that members can easily and affordably make their own – buy the chair, wallpaper the room, shop the look – right then and there from the comfort of their home or office.’”  Joss & Main’s blog is also a great place to stop for inspiration.

I am loving today’s Curator Collection featuring Erika Johnson of Radiant Republic.  Be on the lookout for my moving announcement cards (in cursive) because I want to move into her lookbook!

Want to know more about Erika Johnson?  Read her blog.  I am loving it!

From Joss & Main

From Joss & Main

From Joss & Main

From Joss & Main

I enjoy learning about how companies use interactive marketing to drive sales and promote their business.  I learned about the relationship between StrongMail and Joss & Main in the article, Top Flash Sale Site Joss & Main Boosts Sales and Wins Customer Loyalty with StrongMail.  Joss & Main uses StrongMail to send emails to millions of people at 11pm ET sharp–the time that their coveted sale boutiques open.  StrongMail has become an invaluable resource for businesses by, “helping smart marketers boost the performance of their programs with cutting-edge lifecycle email marketing capabilities and the ability to deliver millions of highly personalized messages in minutes.”  According to the StrongMail website lifecycle email  marketing, “enables marketers to design and automate powerful, event-triggered email marketing programs with drag-and-drop simplicity.”  Joss & Main’s Director of Marketing, Paul Toms, explains how the exact time that an email is delivered is crucial to  flash and daily deal sites.  Toms explains, “‘with limited inventory and limited time for these sales, any delay in sending emails could cause some members to visit the sale after inventories had been depleted, potentially affecting customer satisfaction and retention.  Using StrongMail to manage this program, we have achieved our goals of timely daily delivery, and we have driven a significant amount of revenue from our email marketing programs.'”  Scott Olliver, StrongMail’s Vice President of Products, echos Toms’ sentiments, “‘Joss & main’s success with StrongMail underscores the importance of an email marketing solution’s ability to scale to meet increased demands for performance and sophistication…the time that an email arrives in a consumer’s inbox can be just as important as the content it contains in terms of driving engagement and conversations, which is one of the many reasons that sophisticated high-volume senders are turning to StrongMail.”  StrongMail products are also beneficial because they, “enable marketers to launch direct-response campaigns into social media and reach and identify key brand influencers across blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks (StrongMail).”  This capability allows the entrepreneur to, “analyze and track campaign performance all the way through to the conversion so (the entrepreneur) can truly understand the business impact of (the entrepreneur’s) social media efforts (StrongMail).”  It is interesting to learn about the impact social media has on businesses.  Social media is also influential for bloggers–tweets and Facebook statuses are the cause of most of my blog’s traffic.

For more information on Joss & Main visit their site and blog.  If you’d like to learn more about StrongMail visit their site.  For more information on Erika Johnson read Radiant Republic.

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Preppiness,

The Preppy Post Grad

2 thoughts on “Deal of the Day: New England Prep via Joss & Main

    • Dear Erika,

      I am so glad that you enjoyed the post. I loved your curation. I was actually serious about moving in so don’t be surprised if I actually stop by 🙂 *.

      *just kidding but I do want to make my house look like that!

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