Face the Facts About Facebook: 5 Facebook Rules You Should Follow

I just became a contributing author for University Ave Magazine.  University Ave was founded by Brandon Burke and Spencer Tucci and the authors (including yours truly) consist of college students and recent grads.  Brandon and Spencer, “are on a mission to better the college and post college experience for current students and soon to be graduates.”  Sounds good to me!

Here’s my first article for them.  Check it out on University Ave Magazine.

Face the Facts About Facebook: 5 Facebook Rules You Should Follow: 

1. Next time you’re playing water pong at the local watering hole remember not to put the pictures up on Facebook.

2. If you wouldn’t want a parent/grandparent seeing your photo that’s probably a good indication that you shouldn’t put it online.

3. Don’t write status updates about how much you hate your job or your co-workers.  Finding a job these days is like finding a four leaf clover in the desert–why enter the job market before you’re ready? Save the catty comments for your diary.  If you wouldn’t say it to their face don’t say it on Facebook…also I have no idea who your co-worker Molly is.

4. We all know you have water or apple juice in your red solo cup but why tempt fate.  Put it down before you smile for the camera.

5. Don’t post pictures of yourself doing anything illegal. Police officers are people too and they are on Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Face the Facts About Facebook: 5 Facebook Rules You Should Follow

  1. You need to show every college student this. I see so many pictures on FB of people playing beer pong and holding the good ol’ red Solo cups…while they’re underage. Not smart, guys!

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