Top Blogs/Online Publications/Online Communities by Women for Women:

I searched the internet…

and came up with…

The Preppy Post Grad’s Picks for the Top Blogs/Online Publications/Online Communities by Women for Women:

1) Her Campus
2) Life 2.oh!
3) Forever 20 Somethings
4) Girls in their 20’s
5) Huffington Post Women
6) Ivy Leagued and Unemployed
7) Nice Girls Rule
8) Gen Y Hub
9) No Country for Old Women
10) Jump Blog
11) She Takes On The World
12) 85 Broads
13) The Next Women – Business Magazine
14) Watermark: For Exceptional Women
15) Forbes Women
16) White Hot Truth
17) Jane Has a Job
18) The Bloggess
19) Marketing Roadmaps
20) BlogHer: Life Well Said
21) Harvard Business Review Blog Network
22) Vision.  Voice.  Value.
23) The College Prepster
24) One Woman Marketing
25) Learned on Women
26) She-conomy
27) Marketing to Women Online
28) Marketing Like a Chick
29) Zephoria
30) Causemopolitan
31) Marketing Roadhouse
32) Very Official Blog
33) Techipedia
34) Kommein
35) I ❤ Social Media
36) Itty Biz
37) Women Grow Business
38) Rise of the Innerpreneur
39) Brazeen Careerist – Where ambitious young professionals connect and grow
40) The Cynical Girl
41) The Successful Soloist
42) But You’re a Girl
43) Kontrary
44) Women 2.0
45) The Levo League
46) Forbes Women
47) Young Entrepreneur Council Women
48) Glass Heel
49) I Want Her Job
50) She’s Next
51) Life After College
52) Enter Adulthood
53) The Boomerang Kid
54) The Next for Women
55) The Twenty Life
57) The Grindstone

p.s. this is in no particular order


The Preppy Post Grad

5 thoughts on “Top Blogs/Online Publications/Online Communities by Women for Women:

  1. Great list – I have read many of these blogs. I’d love for you to take a look at my relatively new contribution to the blogging world – The Blend. I’m an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and dole out workplace strategy and advice. It’s a great stop for all young women (and men) if they are interested in workplace issues. Have a great day and I am tweeting your post! – Dr. Marla Gottschalk

  2. Etsy vintage is the bomb. I bohgut this fabulous vintage leather trench in a buttery luggage brown. Double breasted, to-die-for buttons, delicious details. When I got it, it was way too short in the arms and I wanted to cry. I still have it just so I can stare at it. It’s perfection. Love your picks!

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