Show Your State Pride:

Show your State Pride with Kris Nations State Pride Necklaces and State Charm Bracelets.   Kris Nations, “works with metal refiners who obtain their metal from the earth’s existing metal supply rather than depending on mining new precious metals which can generate environmental waste, contaminate water and endanger the lives of humans and animals (Kris Nations Website).”  In addition, Kris Nations “is committed to recycling and protecting the environment in every way possible (and) products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the United States (Kris Nations Website).”

From the Kris Nations website:

About Kris Nations Jewelry

As sisters, Kris and Kim Nations both share the same unique, free-spirited sense of style – equal parts sophisticated and bohemian, with a little vintage inspiration thrown into the mix. So when the two created a partnership and began producing an original line of eclectic jewelry, it was no surprise that they also shared the same, familiar source of inspiration.

“Our mom is independent, creative, and has a great sense of style,” says Kris, a self-taught artist who, encouraged by her mother, began making her own jewelry as a teenager. Both sisters cite the woman who raised them as the single most important role model in their lives, and her influence is evident in everything from their jewelry designs to their business model. (An artist herself, she sold paintings during the summer months to supplement her salary as a schoolteacher, passing along that same motivated work ethic and creative drive to her daughters.)

It’s someone much like their mom who Kim and Kris envision as the wearer of the jewelry they make: a graceful, worldly, confident woman, with true personal style that transcends time and trends. Each sister brings her own unique perspective to the table, sharing ideas and polishing concepts until a truly collaborative design emerges. It’s a process that’s evident in the finished pieces that combine Kim’s retro-modern aesthetic with Kris’ flair for color in surprising combinations.

Between the family partnership, family aesthetic, and family inspiration, it’s no surprise that the two credit their collaboration with the success of their brand. For Kim, seeing what they’ve built together is all the motivation she needs to keep going: “I wake up every day, excited to grow our business for ourselves and our families.”

Kris agrees.

“There is absolutely no way we would have the success we have had without partnering together. We have a common goal, and we’re working side by side to achieve it. I know I’m lucky to have this relationship with my sis.”

Show your State Pride,

The Preppy Post Grad

P.S. Thank you to the one and only LCK for introducing me to these necklaces!

LCK and Me in Lilly

LCK and Me at Lilly

Preps are patriotic.

LCK and Me

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