Coffee Date: Kimberly of Preppy Delight:

I love the blog Preppy Delight.  I am constantly checking for Kimberly’s new Delight of the Day posts for preppy inspiration or to make a preppy purchase.

Hi, there!

My name is Kimberly; feel free to call me Kim, Kimmy – whatever you want.

I love preppy clothing, headbands, accessories, etc.

I love all things classic.

I should have been 22 during Kennedy’s presidency.

It’s very difficult for me to not like someone.

I’m a shopaholic.

I’m in love with my puppy, Atticus. He’s a Yorkie and just about the cutest thing you’ll ever meet.

I would sell my soul to live at the beach. There’s nothing like lying in the sun while listening to the waves.

I’d like to move down South.

To quote Kenny Chesney, I live to love and laugh a lot.

I have a part-time job, but I like to refer to myself as being a “funemployed stay-at-home-daughter.”

My account is anonymous, but my best friends know about it, and, if you really want to know who I am, I’d be glad to tell you.

That’s all. Enjoy!

Without further ado–here’s my interview with Miss Kimberly:

1. How did you come up with the idea or focal point for your blog?

I stumbled upon F.E. Castleberry’s blog and fell in love. However, his blog is geared more to men. Aside from College Prepster, I couldn’t find any preppy blogs for girls in their 20s. (Though I found a bunch once I got Preppy Delight up and running!) As I was constantly searching for new preppy products and taking my sense of style pretty seriously, it just made sense to make my own blog!

 2. If your blog had a mission statement what would it be?

The goal of Preppy Delight is to make the preppy lifestyle accessible to everyone. You don’t need to go to prep school or an Ivy League school to be preppy anymore. And, hopefully, Preppy Delight will make people realize that.

 3. What advice would you give to people who have just started or would like to start a blog?

Make sure you have a goal and/or focus. If you don’t, you won’t stick with it. And nothing is more upsetting than a great blog that suddenly ends. Also, feel free to ask other bloggers for advice! We all like people (why else would we write for people?!), and we’d love to help.

 4. What forms of social media or widgets do you use to gain readers and followers?

I use Twitter, Facebook, and HootSuite. HootSuite allows me to automatically schedule tweets, which is super great for reposting my Delight of the Day posts for people who are on Twitter at night. Also, I have the Word Press application for my iPhone, and it makes managing my blog a lot easier!

 5. How have you been able to gain friendships with other bloggers?

This is one of my favorite parts about blogging! I love finding new blogs, and it’s a lot like gaining friendships in the real world. You see a post you like and comment on it, which usually gets a discussion going. Then, you keep in touch, share ideas – that sort of thing. Offer support to your blogger friends as you would to your actual friends; this is the foundation of any relationship. And it’s why I adore Miss Elana so much!

 6. What goals do have for your blog?

As I mentioned before, my goal is to bring the preppy lifestyle to everyone. I have posts for girls who are able to buy the latest looks from Ralph Lauren, but also for girls who are on a Target budget. It’s important to me to keep my followers updated. If you’re the only preppy gal in your town (like I am), you may not be getting the same kind of exposure as someone in Cape Cod, and I want to bridge that gap.

7. How do you get inspiration for posts?

I find inspiration everywhere! Sometimes I come across a great dress in a magazine and find it online for everyone. Other times I post about things I recently bought (or found and need to buy!) and think my followers might like. Hopefully my posts help everyone in their pursuit of preppiness!
Want to know more about Miss Kimberly?  That was a rhetorical question–of course you do!   Kimberly is extremely social media savvy (she has 1,440 people following her every tweet and 658 Pinterest followers!).

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Preppiness,

The Preppy Post Grad

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