Swell Caroline:

I just found the boutique Swell Caroline: Addictive Costume Jewelry.  I am officially hooked.   The names of the collections alone are enough to turn you into a Swell Caroline addict (Resort Collection, The Swell Collection, Equestrian Chic, Vintage Zodiac Pin Collection, Heirloom Collection, On the Towne Collection, Monogram Collection, Preppy Chic, Scarves & Wraps, and Bridesmaid Collection).  The shop also features the preppy brands Moon & Lola Monograms and Scout by Bungalow Bags.

Everything featured is fun, colorful, preppy, bold, and (most importantly) “swell priced.”  Perfect for changing any outfit from drab to fab.

Prepare to swoon.

Can’t get enough?

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Preppiness,

The Preppy Post Grad

P.S. Equestrian Chic a blast from the Preppy Post Grad’s past

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