Lust v. Must: Monogram Jewelry

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that preps love monograms.

I LOVE the monogram necklaces worn by Taylor Swift and Lauren Conrad.




Here are a few must-have purchases to get the same look for less!

Bauble Bar Monogram Necklace


Monogram Necklaces

BaubleBar Monogram Necklace | Moon and Lola Monogram Necklaces (Swell Caroline)

8 thoughts on “Lust v. Must: Monogram Jewelry

  1. I think I like Taylor Swift’s necklace the best. I’m not a fan of her music but I love her style, and I can see myself wearing the same necklace.

  2. These are really cool monogram necklaces but they look kind of thick compared to Lauren Conrad’s which I like way better. I ordered one from Eve’s Addiction and it looks exactly like hers…. and I mean exactly. I wear it every day 🙂 Do you like Taylor or Lauren’s better?

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