19 Ridiculous SkyMall Products via The Huffington Post

I’m sure that you have all read SkyMall at one point or another.  I am also pretty sure that whomever chooses the products featured in SkyMall is a few marbles short of a Mancala game.  While I was waiting to get off the plane I read a great Huffington Post article, 19 Ridiculous SkyMall Products.  I have to share it with you.

19 Ridiculous SkyMall Products:

Is there any better publication for promoting generally useless, utterly baffling products than SkyMall? Until we find one, we will continue browsing the hundreds of amazingly ridiculous products featured in this in-flight magazine.

Need a clock to remind you what day it is? Or how about a portable spa? Or a DNA analysis for your pet dog? As we’ve shown you before, SkyMall’s always got you covered. Vote for the most ridiculous item!

  1. Beer Pager: When you press the button, the beer holder burps to alert you of the drink’s whereabouts. Price: $24.95 (Via SkyMall)
  2. Day of the Week Clock: For the person who has no concept of time, a television, phone or computer. Price: $39.98 (Via SkyMall)
  3. Protein Ketchup: Ketchup fortified with some much-needed protein. 15 grams per cup. Price: $34.42 (Via SkyMall)
  4. Box of Applause or Laughter: Featuring “uproarious guffaws”. Price: $24.95 (Via SkyMall)
  5. Civilized Butler Clock: Wake up the civilized way: with a birdsong and some discreet coughing. Price: $99.95 (Via SkyMall)
  6. Wine Glass Holder Necklace: Do you go to a lot of wine parties, but never seem to make any friends? That’s probably because you’ve got this thing strapped around your neck. Price: $24.95 (Via SkyMall)
  7. Canine Genealogy Kit: Finally you can analyze your dog’s DNA. Price: $64.95 (Via SkyMall)
  8. Levo Book Holder: Books are great, but they require so much energy and hand-eye coordination. Strap your hard-to-hold books in the book holder, then just make one of your kids stand by for page-turning. Price: $169.00 (Via SkyMall)
  9. Spa-N-A-Box Portable Spa: Finally, a spa that is both relaxing and portable. Price: $999.00 (Via SkyMall)
  10. King Tut’s Egyptian Throne: If your home isn’t pretentious enough, simply add this Egyptian throne to your living room decor. Price: $999.00 (Via SkyMall)
  11. Personalized Branding Iron: Not for use on children or pets. Price: $89.95 (Via SkyMall)
  12. Analog LED Projection Clock: Not enough room on your desk for a clock? Simply project the time onto your wall. Price: $39.95 (Via SkyMall)
  13. Bling String: Make your hair sparkle for some reason. Price: $9.95 (Via SkyMall)
  14. King’s Guard Half-Scale Knight: Need a replica knight to stand guard in your home, but a little light in the wallet? No problem. The half-scale knight has arrived. Price: $199.00 (Via SkyMall)
  15. Floating Pool Table: Combine a relaxing day at the pool with some high-stakes gambling. Price: $99.99 (Via SkyMall)
  16. Macedonian Battle Helmet: What home would be complete without a Macedonian Battle Helmet? Price: $129.00 (Via SkyMall)
  17. Relax ‘N Nap Traveler: Everyone knows the most comfortable way to nap is face down on an incline with your face in a hole. Price: $69.95 (Via SkyMall)
  18. Barefoot Garden Yeti Sculpture: No backyard garden is complete without it. Price: $125.00 (Via SkyMall)
  19. Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar: Finally, an oxygen bar with some soothing music built in. Price: $299.99 (Via SkyMall)

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Have you ever bought something from SkyMall?  Which product do you think is the most ridiculous?

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