The Prep Mecca:

Deal of the Day: 60% off at L.L. Bean

The Official Preppy Handbook  by Lisa Birnbach described L.L. Bean as, “nothing less than Prep mecca.”

The Preppy Post Grad’s Picks for Purchases at the Mecca:

  1. Boat and Tote Bags:  These bags are perfect for travel (preferably by private plane), beach days (preferably Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, or Nantucket), boating (preferably by yacht or sail boat) and so much more.  The boat and tote bags can be monogrammed (Preps love monogramming anything, plus now you’ll know if your older sister “borrowed” yours for the Hampton Classics again, when gifting the only question will be whether Trip will be proposing to Lilly soon (she wouldn’t want to carry around a bag with her old monogram now would she?).  They have been made in Maine for over sixty-five years (Preps love tradition which is probably why they’ll go to the same prep school for at least three generations).  Plus, they can hold over 500 pounds so you can definitely pack the puppy.  Buy one in extra-large, large, medium, and small for packing all your prepcessities.
  2. Wicked Good Moccasins: These moccasins are made with shearling for extra comfort.  Perfect for curling up by the fire after a day at Deer Valley.
  3. Bean Boots: A prepcessity for winter’s at Colby, Bowdoin, Middlebury, or Dartmouth.
  4. The Original Junior Backpack: Minnie’s still too young for a Longchamp so this will simply have to do.

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