Dogeared Jewelry:

I am loving, no L-O-V-I -N-G Dogeared Jewelry. The brand was created by designer Marcia Maizel-Clarke 20 years ago and the groundbreaking brand features “designs rang(ing) from subtle classics to eclectic, unexpected statements, all designed in the spirit of love, kindness, and consciousness.” Each piece has a meaning and evokes a particular emotion. The pieces are delicate and dainty making them perfect for everyday wear. The jewelry is an excellent value and makes for a fabulous gift. Even better, each bauble is handmade and is made in the USA. When I was researching for this post I learned that Dogeard, “will always design with the planet in mind and support nonprofit groups working to heal the environment and create social change.” As you know, one of my favorite things is the marriage of charity and fashion, and that is one of the reasons that I love Dogeared Jewelry. Dogeard explains their brand best, “we’re celebrating 20 years of good Karma, doing what we love, and loving what we do: creating jewelry that puts good energy out into the world, and makes personal, positive statements about people who wear it.” I’ll admit that I’m a bit suspicious and love the good luck necklace and the wishbone necklace (hey, every little bit helps) but here are my other favorite pieces. Click them for more information and shop away (p.s. Valentines Day is coming up…buy one for a loved one and, of course, pick one up for yourself).

1. Make A Wish Luck Elephant Necklace $26.00

2. Make A Wish Hamsa Necklace$28.00

3. Make A Wish Kick Ass Necklace $30.00

4. It’s The Little Things Anchor Studs (Sterling Silver) $36.00

5. It’s The Little Things Anchor Studs (Gold Dipped) $40.00

6. Wish For A Cure Necklace $43.00

7. Pearls of Success $44.00

8. Keys to Success $46.00

9. Infinite Love (Antique Silver) $48.00

10. Infinite Love Bracelet (Gold Dipped) $53.00

11. Mini Karma Necklace (Gold Dipped) $54.99

12. Happy Buddha Reminder $56.00

13. Luck Clover Reminder $56.00

14. Gold Luck Elephant Reminder Necklace $56.00

15. Wish Big Reminder Necklace $56.00

16. Karma Necklace (Sterling Silver) $58.00

17. Lucky Horseshoe Necklace $58.00

18. Mantra Karma Necklace (Gold) $68.00

19. Tri-Textured Karma Necklace on Chain $68.00

20. Diamond Love Necklace $72.99

21. Diamond Karma Necklace $72.99

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