Blogging Before Breakfast: Mark Lives in IKEA

Walk into almost any post grad’s apartment and you are sure to see Ikea furniture.  Ikea is the furniture of choice partially because it is inexpensive but primarily because the pictures and Swedish instructions help to stimulate our minds long after the Dostoyevsky gets dusty.  I am also preconditioned to believe that anything that I can’t pronounce is fancy and elite (who knew the BESTÅ/ FRAMSTÅ/INREDA is really just your run of the mill bookcase?).

As much as the average post grad loves Ikea (or shops there for the practical reasons specified above) I would wage a bet that no one loves Ikea more than Mark Malkoff.   The comedian and filmmaker (you might remember him from my Starbucks Challenge post) lived in Ikea for an entire week while his apartment was being fumigated.  He couldn’t stay at a friends apartments because they were too small nor hotels because they were too expensive (“is that the price for a month?”) so he chose the next logical option–living in an Ikea.   You can watch Mark take his wife on a date, have a pillow fight, entertain house guests, jump on “his” bed, shower with the kitchen sink, brush his teeth in the soda fountain, have lunch at Ikea (and invite himself to a strangers renovated beach house), get tucked in by a security guard, hitchhike, and so much more.

Watch Mark’s entire Ikea Odessy here.

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One thought on “Blogging Before Breakfast: Mark Lives in IKEA

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