Coffee Date: Nichole of As a Matter of Style

I usually write introductions for the bloggers that I interview but I think that Nichole’s About the Author post provides a perfect introduction.  Nichole explains that, “As a Matter of Style came about when I was living in London and was inspired by the creations in store windows, newspapers, and most of all, the people on the street.  It is supposed to be in a “as a matter of fact” connotation, meaning anyone can have and wear style.  It is about finding what works best for you.  Within my column, I discuss trends and ways to wear them, designers and their inspiration, events and what I see, and merely, ways fashion can fit everyone.  I think that everyday we are each trying to figure out our lives. Why we’re here – what we’re meant to do – and how we can leave our mark behind.  Overall, I feel the two most important factors in living are love & happiness.  Do what makes you smile, no matter who disagrees with you. Make mistakes and learn.”

Without further ado here is my interview with Nichole.

1. How did you come up with the idea or focal point for your blog?

I originally got the idea for my blog back when I lived in London. I would walk the streets in Westminster, Notting Hill, and Chelsea and take a million mental notes on window displays, newspapers, and how people dressed on the street, both good and bad! I found myself critiquing people’s looks and wanting to express my thoughts to anyone who would want to hear me!  “As a matter of style,” is meant to be taken in an “as a matter of fact,” connotation.  I thought about those people who enjoy giving tid-bits of facts and information about any random subject and decided I wanted to be able to give people random tid-bits and facts on fashion and style – and voilà! As a Matter of Style was born!

2. If your blog had a mission statement what would it be?

If my blog could talk – and well, it does actually, I would say that its mission statement would be: To educate any and all who have a desire, passion, or interest in fashion, style, and their appearance on the latest trends both domestic and international.

I find everyday so many people are uneducated about clothing, how things are meant to fit, fabric, trends, etc! My hope is to be able to reach those people and inspire them to try something new, learn about a foreign topic, and help them look their best.

3. What advice would you give to people who have just started or would like to start a blog?

My suggestion for those who are thinking about starting a blog: think long about what it is you wish to write about. What will the purpose of your blog be? What is it that you have a passion for? How much time do you wish to put into it? Do you know html codes well enough to create your own site or would you like to have one hosted for you such as, Tumblr, or blogger?  Be sure to do your research and visit every site that offers you a free blog and make sure you like the layouts offered and the ease of blogging before signing up. I found one of the hardest parts for me was creating and finding a name for my blog that wasn’t already taken. Be sure to take your time when deciding – you don’t have to decide in one day even though I know how the excitement can be when creating something new! And most of all…have fun!

To those who have just started a blog: explore, explore, explore! The more I read forums, did online research, and viewed thousands of other blogger’s pages, I became more confident in how I wanted my blog to look and things I wished to include on my pages. I’m a firm believer in visual learning and learning from experience so I loved visiting other fashion blogs and even reaching out to them and asking them how they came up with an idea or a layout. You’ll find that most blog writers are extremely nice and love helping out a fellow blogger!

4. What forms of social media or widgets do you use to gain readers and followers?

I use every social media outlet possible to gain readers. It’s really hard in the beginning to start a following outside of your immediate friends and family so I suggest spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other method possible! I also try and use specific tags when I write so that my posts become more noticed when search engines such as Google and Yahoo are used.

5. How have you been able to gain friendships with other bloggers?

I find that the easiest way to gain friendships with other bloggers is to let them know how much you enjoy their work. Every blogger loves hearing positive feedback and I find that it encourages them to write even more! So “like” their posts, start following them, and if you desire to, shoot them an email and ask them a few questions! Blogger friends are some of the best friends one can have!

6. What goals do have for your blog?

Oh, gosh! Goals for my blog, where do I even start?! I would always love to gain more followers and it makes me so happy everytime someone comments on one of my posts. Believe it or not – I LOVE knowing what other people think about the same topic I’m covering, even if they disagree! It’s nice to converse about a common subject. I want to make my blog a destination spot for people to go for an enjoyable read on fashion and style and for them to appreciate my taste and spin on the current trends.  I believe my ultimate goal would be to gain sponsors and be able to make this my full-time job! I have a serious passion for travel and strive to return to Europe permanently, as a writer, covering topics I’m passionate about and can interact with people on. Take Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, for example…ROLE MODEL!

7. How do you get inspiration for posts?

My inspiration really comes from my daily life. I’ve worked in retail for many years and am now a sales representative for several clothing lines out of Chicago. When I’m shopping for an apartment, traveling out of the country, or even bumming around town, I try and take note of my surroundings and how I can relate my life and what I’m doing to fashion! I love writing about strong female figures that have made a lasting impression on all of us because I believe they really showed us that while fashion may change every day, every week, and every season, style will forever cease to fade…

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