Blogging Before Breakfast: The Starbucks Challenge–Crazy for Coffee

Once upon a time there was an attorney who would stop at a small store in Seattle called Starbucks.  That attorney is my Dad.  He used to travel to Seattle constantly for work and would always stop by Starbucks to bring home pounds of coffee beans.  I now blame my Dad for my love for Starbucks.  I made a New Years Resolution to stop going to Starbucks but some greater force pulls me there everyday.  Fast forward and there is a Starbucks on almost every block in Manhattan (people even consider them to be public restrooms).

My Starbucks addiction has led me to Mark Malkoff, a comedian and filmmaker who biked to every Starbucks in Manhattan (171 to be exact).  Mark had to consume something in each and every Starbucks (he even bribed a Starbucks employee with $80 for one pound cake because the store had closed).  Twenty two caffeine induced hours, $369.14, and over 50 caffeinated beverages later Mark completed his Starbucks Challenge.

Watch the video and you will NOT regret it.  I am now a huge Mark Malkoff fan.  Mark was interviewed by Fox News  and CNN.  You can view his channel and his blog.

Other Manhattanite Starbucks addicts have done things like created websites featuring pictures of every Starbucks in Manhattan.  One of the most famous Manhattanite Starbucks addicts is Carrie from Sex in the City.  In the first Sex In the City Movie Carrie goes to Starbucks to interview for assistants.  Starbucks is also featured in movies such as: Miss Congeniality, The Devil Wears Prada, The Proposal, You’ve Got Mail, Maid of Honor, Clueless, 13 Going on 30, and Austin Powers to name a few.

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