Coffee Date: Greek Girl Shop

When I was the Preppy Undergrad, Greek Girl Shop was one of my favorite places to shop for sorority merchandise.   Greek Girl Shop is a great place to buy presents for big/little week, your sisters’ birthdays, your senior class, your entire chapter, or yourself!   I bought a ring and wear it everyday as a constant reminder of my sorority and my sisters’ support even though I have graduated (the slideshow includes a picture of me with my ring–now I can finally jump start my dream career as a hand model).  If you love Greek Girl Shop as much as I do you can become a campus representative.  I interviewed Sara Beth Wilson, one of the owners of Greek Girl Shop to find out about owning, operating, and creating a buisness.

1. Were you in a sorority in college?

I actually didn’t go to college so I missed out on the chance to be in a sorority.  My younger sister is the source of inspiration as she’s a Delta Gamma alum along with my mom who is a Kappa Alpha Theta alum.

2. How did you develop the idea for Greek Girl Shop?

My younger sister came to me with a request to make the “DeltaG” necklaces for her chapter.  Soon after that I found myself coming up with new design ideas for rings and accessories.  At first my plan was to create jewelry until I found myself day dreaming about designs for stickers and laptop sleeves.  My next goal is to create crest embroidered sweaters and tote bags.

3. What advice do you have for other recent college graduates who want to start their own buisness?

I would recommend consulting with business advisors at the small business development center.  Surrounding yourself with other entrepreneurs who are open to sharing their experiences regarding their own businesses.  Be open to advice or criticism from anyone because you never know when it might spark an idea to further your business in a positive way.

4. What suggestions do you have for how ladies can show their sorority pride after graduation?

I think products that feature your sorority symbols and colors are always fun.  One of my goals is to create products geared towards alums.  I think the subtle use of sorority letters on classic everyday pieces would be cute.  I plan on playing around with the use of letters while working with the style of classic monogrammed initial products.

5. How do you use social media to develop and market your brand?

I’m so thankful for twitter, facebook, pinterest, and tumblr.  It’s been such a wonderful experience connecting with sorority members through these sites.  I’ve been able to connect with so many women who support what greek girl shop is all about.  I’m so pleased to create products that connect sisters and help them in sharing their sorority pride with others.

6. What new trends would you like to see take hold?

I really love the use of bows and glitter.  I think headbands, a great pair of flats, and good cardigan can spice up any outfit.

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