Rue La La Review


One of my favorite websites is Rue La La.  Rue La La is a shopping website that offers private sales for women’s and men’s clothing and accessories, homeware, and stylish things to do in your city.  Rue La La markets itself as, “the invitation-only destination for a life of style.”  I remember when I first heard about Rue La La.  I was sitting in my sorority house‘s living room when a sister came in with boxes from package services.  She had bought Vera Bradley bags at a huge discount.  I asked her to invite me and my Rue La La addiction was born.

Part of the genius behind Rue La La lies in it’s marketing.  The login page always has beautiful and creative designs (my favorite used ribbon candy to spell out Rue La La).  When I was researching for this post I realized that the Artists of Rue have a blog where they discuss their designs.  Rue La La also markets itself well by using social media–they display tweets from Rue La La users and brand these these tweets as “memberisms.”  I have seen sorority sisters’ tweets flash across the Rue La La page.

Boutiques open at 11 am and stay open for a limited amount of time.  I may or may not have cleared my calender the day of a Lilly Pulitzer or Kate Spade sale!  Rue La La makes it easy to return purchases and even covers the return shipping price.  Speaking of shipping, Rue La La allows people to pay $9.95 for shipping once and get free shipping for 30 days (as if I needed another excuse to shop on the site…).  If you invite friends you get $10 credit after they make their first purchase (let me know if you want an invite!)

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