Why You Should Take Off Your Makeup at the Gym

Yesterday, I was shopping at Barnes and Noble when I was reminded of one of my New Year’s Resolutions.  I stopped by the magazine section and was flipping though InTouch (with the full intention to buy it…) when I saw 100 celebrities sans makeup.  I was much more interested in the type of shoes Suri Cruise wears to the beach (pink heels) but I decided to read the article about celebrities without makeup.

Lea Michele Without Makeup
Jessica Biel Without Makeup

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to stop wearing makeup to the gym because it clogs pores and cause bacteria buildup.  I hate not wearing makeup but I am willing to try it.  Even celebrities are willing to workout without makeup and they have to deal with paparazzi watching their every move (I don’t have to deal with paparazzi yet–I guess they haven’t discovered my blog).  I read an article at Fitness Magazine’s website that stated that, “excess sweat that dries on skin can leave behind salt and toxins, which contribute to acne and red bumps on the skin.”

According to Skincare-news.com’s article Workout to Workday: Tips for Going from Gym to the Office there are a few more reasons not to wear makeup to the gym:

  • Clogged pores and acne.  David Goldberg, of Mount Sinai Medical Center and director of Skin Laser and Surgery Specialists in New York and New Jersey, tells ABC News that he advises against wearing makeup during workouts because sweat can settle into pores and, when mixed with foundation, causes them to clog. “We see it all the time,” said Goldberg. “We see more breakouts and skin problems because of this.”
  • Most makeup won’t last.  While most formulas claim to be long-lasting, only a select few products will actually live up to this promise. By the end of your workout, when your lip color has faded and your waterproof mascara has flaked off, you’ll most likely end up looking just as sweaty and bare-faced as you would’ve if you’d gone to the gym sans makeup.
  • A mess waiting to happen.   Have you ever wiped your face after an intense aerobics session only to find streaks of foundation on your towel? After a workout, you’ll likely find your makeup smudged and smeared, plus raccoon eyes from mascara running – not a pretty sight.

This research has officially convinced me not to wear makeup to the gym.

Here is what I’d recommend:

Before Your Workout: I bought Neutrogena Makeup Remover face wipes ($4.99 at Target) so that my pores are clean before working out.  If you have any blemishes it is good to put medicine with salylic acid on before hitting the treadmill.  Use Clean and Clear Persa Gel 10 ($4.76 at Target).

After Your Workout: You should wash your face right after working out.  I recommend using Neutrogena Deep Clean Sport  ($6.99) because it clears away sweat, dirt, and oil (plus it comes in a leak-free container which makes it perfect for tossing into your gym bag).  If you don’t mind spending a pretty penny use Cane and Austin Acne Treatment Pads ($60) after washing your face.  Don’t forget to moisturize and use SPF 15.  Use Neurtrogena Deep Clean Sport Body Wash ($9.49) during your steamy post-workout shower.

Here’s to abs and ab-solutely no acne (I can’t promise that this won’t be my last post with a bad pun)!

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