Lust v. Must: Workout Edition

I went to the gym today and I’m pretty sure that all of NYC was there with me (people probably made a New Year’s Resolution to go the gym more often.)  I usually go to the gym before or after work and have to commute with my gym bag.  As every New Yorker knows, there is always far too little space on the subway during rush hour.  I can personally attest to being hit by backpacks, shopping bags, and purses as people struggle to push their way onto the train.  I have been carrying a small Longchamp purse to the gym so that my bags will be more compact for my commute.

This weekend I was sauntering in Soho and stumbled into Lululemon Athletica.  It seems that Lululemon was the “it” workout gear last year.  I didn’t go to a single spin class where someone wasn’t wearing Lululemon pants, tops or headbands.  When I was in Lululemon I found the perfect gym bag, the DTB Duffel ($78).  This duffel is small enough for your morning commute but has enough room for your gym clothes, sneakers, and cosmetics.  The well dressed sales associate explained that the bag has a separate pocket specifically designed for storing your ipad.  The bag also has interior mesh pockets where you can store frequently needed items as well as a removable shoe bag and the shoulder strap can be adjusted or removed.  There is even an emergency hair tie on the zipper (the designers thought of everything!).

LUST: I don’t like the idea of spending a lot of money on gym clothing but if I were shopping at Lululemon I would buy the No Limit Tank ($64) and the Groove Pant ($98).  When the weather is warmer you can wear the Boogie Short ($48).  I wouldn’t be a true sorority girl if I didn’t mention the norts, otherwise known as Nike Shorts ($32.00 but $22.99 at

MUST: If you don’t feel like splurging on gym clothes I’d recommend buying Forever 21’s workout clothing.  I went on their website and would recommend the Racerback Athletic Top ($12.80) and the Contrast Waist Athletic Pant ($11.80).

P.S. This title was lovingly borrowed from Olivia Newton-John’s song Physical.  I must say, the Equinox is nothing like Olivia’s gym (then again that was the 80’s).  Gentlemen, I wouldn’t recommend wearing Speedos to the gym. Ladies, headbands may be  in, but sweatbands are definitely not.  Don’t even get me started on leotards, purple spandex, and blue socks.

P.P.S. If you actually watched the video I’m sure you’ll have the song stuck in your head the rest of the day.  You’re welcome.

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