Baby it’s Cold Outside: A Winter’s Wish List

I am the first to say that I hate puffer jackets; I am much happier in a peacoat.  However, as the temperature begins to drop, the idea of being wrapped up in what is essentially a down duvet becomes more and more appealing.  The main problem that I have with puffer jackets is that they don’t flatter a woman’s figure.  I set out on a search to try and find a flattering puffer coat, and stumbled upon the Burberry Brit Down Puffer Coat ($595).  This coat has a diamond pattern and a belt which combine to give the coat a flattering fit (while still being warm and cozy).

I also found other warm weather accessories that would be on my Winter’s Wish List.  I love the Marc by Marc Jacobs Hot Dot Scarf ($198).  It’s great because I’m crazy for polka dots right now.  I just bought a pair of Echo Touch Gloves and am obsessed with them (I also love their advertisements because I studies Sign Language in college).  They range in price from $24 to $78 and allow you to use your iPhone to text, blog, or check TSM while keeping your fingers from freezing.  I don’t let the cold weather keep me from wearing my favorite skirts, either—the Plush Fleece Lined Tights ($35) should be on every lady’s wish list.  Keep your ears warm with Burberry Girls’ Exploded Check Earmuffs ($95), and keep your toes toasty with the Tory Burch Dee Dee Slipper (I have them and I never want to take them off!  They are on sale at Neimen Marcus and are an extra 40% off the sale price–get them while you can!).

These items are all expensive so they are just a Wish List of the things that I would get if money wasn’t a factor.  Although, if all my wishes came true, it would never drop below 80 degrees and there would never be a chance of thunderstorms.

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