In the BAG (title borrowed from Marie Claire Magazine)

1. Lilly Pulitzer Planner: This planner helps me organize my life and keep track of everything from Junior League meetings to dates!

2. iPad: I probably wouldn’t have splurged on an ipad but my Dad’s office gave it to him and he lets me borrow it (he just learned to text message so the ipad is still a bit out of his league).  I keep it in a case from Bendels that I love!

3. Kindle: I have had a Kindle for years.  My Mom bought my Dad a Kindle for his birthday one year because he needs to buy large print books and she figured that the Kindle would be perfect for him because he could increase the size.  He couldn’t get the hang of using it and enjoys the act of going out to the book store and buying books.  He gave it to me (you may be seeing a common trend!).  I love it!  I studied abroad during my junior year of college and was able to use the Kindle to buy books on a train in Switzerland, a hostel in Paris, a resturant in Italy, a beach in Greece, an airport in Ireland and my dorm room in Oxford.  When I was traveling between terms I read every single Chelsea Handler book out at the time and would be literally laughing out loud in all of the very public places mentioned previously!

4. Work Blackberry: A necessary evil.

5. Ralph Lauren Key Case: I bought this with my friend JGA at Bloomingdales.  The Ralph Lauren team had people monogramming purchases and I love  it.

6. Umbrella from Brookstone: This umbrella is so small and fits perfectly inside my purse.  You never know when it is going to rain!

7. Lilly Pulitzer for LeSportsac Cosmetics Case: I keep medicine, makeup and hair ties in one section and a few pens in another.  I hate being without a pen!

8. Kate Spade Wallet

9. Aveeno Hand Lotion

10. iPhone: I also have a Bendels case and I love it.

11. The Gospel According to Coco Chanel: My freshman year roomies and I have a holiday Secret Santa every year and my friend got this for me!  She hoped it would inspire my fashionista side and it definitely has!

One thought on “In the BAG (title borrowed from Marie Claire Magazine)

  1. I loved the list, Elana, and am glad you’re enjoying the CoCo Chanel book. You WOULD list both a Kindle and an iPad, and a Blackberry and an iPhone. Too funny! I’m curious to see these Bendels cases so you have to post pics! xoxo

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